Wednesday, August 10, 2016

One Step at a Time

At times, I forget how young I am, because of all that I have seen. Some moments, I forget how old I am, because of all that is still waiting for me.

We live in an age where everything is calculated. How much you should or should not eat, how many hours of sleep is enough, and how often your heart should beat per minute. We live in an age where our actions are calculated, planned, and followed: be born, go to school, find a job, get married, have a kid or two, and finally die at an old age. This almost sounds ideal. This almost is ideal. Education, stable home, a spouse, and a few kids to carry your name... What more could you ask for?

But how about when your home is torn apart and you're forced to flee your country? How about your old neighbour who isn't married and has no kids? How about the messy, horrible divorce your sister is going through? How about when you lose your job? Or worse, you give up your job to pursue your dreams? You're not in the ideal situation anymore. Your years of education mean nothing, your job gives you no credibility, and perhaps you never had kids or married. Perhaps, you never fit in the ideal situation.

Or the ideal situation never fit you.

We're not machines. We're human. We're bodies of fluids and emotions. We laugh, we act, we cry, and react to everything and anything. We overthink, we underestimate, and we jump to conclusions. We're ever-changing and all these calculations are just figures. When you've slipped on ice, the amount of carbohydrates on your plate do not seem of much importance. When you're lying on the floor in laughter with your best friends, the calculated hours and minutes of deep sleep you need to get to be well rested do not hold matter anymore.

You're alive, breathing, and reacting. You can be young, reckless, old, fearless, frightened, happy, crazy and anything in between. You don't need to fit the ideal. You don't need to become a machine. Just take one step at a time and remember what really is of importance: this moment.

It doesn't matter if you get one night of less sleep, or even two. It doesn't matter if you're over forty and still unmarried. It doesn't matter if your skin isn't pure. It doesn't matter if you slip or mess up. It doesn't matter if you're not proportioned for the ideal situation. It doesn't matter if you are.

Just come as you are.

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